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Fluoride Treatments

Strengthen Your Tooth Enamel

The use of fluorides is the primary factor in reducing cavities among children in the US. Fluorides not only prevent decay from forming, but they can repair early cavities, as well.

Infants and children can receive fluoride both systemically (through the digestive system and circulation) and topically (on the tooth directly). The former occurs in publicly fluoridated water and fluoride supplements, and the latter in the form of toothpastes and topical applications. Only fluoride ingested during the tooth-forming years (ages 6 months through 19 years) has the systemic effect of preventing decay before it forms!

Frequent daily exposure to small amounts of fluoride, that is topically like toothpastes and rinses, is the best way to prevent tooth decay while the teeth are erupting, and afterward. We professionally apply fluoride to the freshly cleaned teeth of children to renew high levels of fluoride in the tooth enamel.

Topical fluoride is especially effective for kids at high risk for cavities, if they lack fluoridated water, have a history of cavities, or snack frequently on foods high in sugar. When it comes to your children, our focus is on prevention and protection.

Dr. Share offers Saturday appointments for your entire family in his Boston office. Call to schedule an appointment today. Protect your child's priceless smile with fluoride treatments and dental sealants!

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