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Find Pain Relief with Root Canal Therapy

August 8, 2014

489085765Living in pain is never easy, and can be very taxing on the mind, body, and heart. Whether it is back pain or a slight discomfort in your neck, pain can be crippling, and if there is no end in sight, can be extremely discouraging. One of the worst pains someone can experience is tooth pain. Though people may write it off as mere uneasiness, there could be many underlying issues that could cause pain within your smile. Dr. Jack B. Share wants his patients’ smiles to be healthy and free of pain, which is why he offers root canal therapy at his Boston, MA dental office.

Root canal therapy is needed when a cavity has gone awry. Within your tooth is pulp, which is full of nerves. When the bacterium in the cavity infects the pulp within your tooth, the result is pressure and pain, yielding a very unhappy patient. If you are feeling any sort of discomfort within your smile, it is very important to contact Dr. Share as soon as possible.

The root canal therapy treatment begins with Dr. Share addressing the infected tooth. He will be able to remove the bacteria and the pulp within your tooth, alleviating you of your pain. Then he will fill the tooth with a bio-compatible material, being able to prevent any more harmful bacteria from making its way into your tooth. Lastly, Dr. Share will put a crown on your tooth, ensuring stability and renewed strength. At the end of your treatment, you are free of pain and ready to face the world! If you would like Dr. Share’s help in performing root canal therapy, contact our office today!

Call us today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Jack Share. We are able to take care of your entire general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry needs at our Boston, MA dental office. Our office is located in the Financial District of Boston, conveniently located near Government Center, Downtown Crossing, Beacon Hill, Back Bay, and the surrounding communities.

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