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4 Steps to Treat Bad Breath

April 4, 2020

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Woman with bad breath covering her mouth at dentist in Beacon Hill.If you eat garlic or onion with your dinner, it’s normal for your breath to have an unpleasant odor for a while. Although everyone has bad breath occasionally, some people experience it more often than others. In fact, about 25% of people suffer from chronic bad breath, also known as halitosis. While the foods you eat can contribute to the problem, if it’s reoccurring, it could be the result of poor oral hygiene. Your dentist in Beacon Hill can help freshen your breath, so you aren’t embarrassed by the odor.

Pinpointing the Cause of Bad Breath

Bad breath can be caused by several issues, like the foods you eat, smoking, or postnasal drip; however, most often, it’s caused by poor oral hygiene habits that have led to a buildup of bacteria, food particles, plaque, and tartar. In some cases, it can even be the result of an untreated dental problem, like decay or infection.

Steps to Treating Bad Breath

Your dentist will be invaluable to creating a customized plan to combat your bad breath. Essentially, there are 4 steps to stopping the odor:

  1. Improve your home oral hygiene routine.

Committing to your oral hygiene routine will prevent plaque and tartar buildup as well as common dental issues, like tooth decay and gum disease. It’s best to brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss every night before going to bed. Don’t forget to clean your tongue where bacteria can linger. You can also incorporate an antibacterial mouthwash into your routine for minty-fresh breath.

  • Visit your dentist for treatment.

Your dentist will find the source of the smell to provide the appropriate treatment, like periodontal therapy or a filling. They will also thoroughly clean your teeth to remove plaque and tartar buildup that harbor bacteria.

  • Reduce odor-causing factors.

Besides poor oral hygiene, there are various factors that can lead to bad breath. It’s best to remove them from your lifestyle, like smoking. If a medical issue is the cause, like post-nasal drip, be sure to treat it properly to aid your halitosis.

  • Maintain your routine dental appointments.

Your efforts at home to treat bad breath are equally important as the care you receive from your dentist. In addition to brushing and flossing at home, it’s best to visit your dentist at least twice a year for a cleaning and checkup. They will remove plaque left behind by your toothbrush while also monitoring your dental health.

Freshen Your Breath Today

You don’t need to wait until you see your dentist to begin treating your bad breath. Improving your oral hygiene habits at home is the first step to fresh breath.

About Dr. Jack B. Share

Dr. Share graduated dental school with high honors in 1974. He has extensive qualifications and experience to provide advanced dental services, like prosthetics and general anesthesia. As a reputable dentist in the community, you can rest assured your smile is in good hands. It you’re battling bad breath, contact our office today.

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