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Boston tooth-colored fillings are beautiful and durable

January 2, 2016

Filed under: Restorative Dentistry — Dr. Share @ 10:27 pm

Boston tooth-colored fillingsFinancial District, MA dentist, Dr. Jack Share, places tooth-colored fillings in his Boston area office. Should you consider replacing your metal fillings?

Multiple silver mercury fillings detract from a smile. Amidst some controversy about their safety, one fact is clear: many people would love to have their dark fillings disappear from view. Tooth-colored fillings from Boston dentist, Dr. Jack B. Share, restore decayed teeth, showing just beautifully smooth enamel.


Don’t cover your smile

You don’t have to hide your smile with toothcolored fillings. Made from a unique combination of white glass and acrylic, modern composite fillings are natural-looking and super durable. Instead of hiding your smile because you don’t want old-style amalgam fillings to show, you can smile broadly, and people will never notice your restorations.

How composite fillings work

Dr. Share numbs the area around the tooth to be filled. He then removes the decay with a high-speed drill. Unlike the silver filling process, Dr. Share can take out less of the healthy enamel surrounding the cavity. That’s because the composite resin bonds right to the tooth structure, actually becoming one with it. Silver mercury fillings, on the other hand, simply lay within the prepared site the way  asphalt patch material fills a hole in street.

Dr. Share carefully layers the tooth-colored material into the tooth, hardening each layer with a special curing light. This steps makes the bond very strong. He also shapes and polishes the material for correct bite and artistic shape. Teeth restored with composite resin remain intact indefinitely and exhibit far less sensitivity to hot and cold than teeth restored with amalgam fillings.

Should you replace your old-style filings

Your Financial District, MA dentist is the best person to advise you on this decision. Some people are very motivated to refurbish their smiles with tooth-colored fillings. To accomplish this, they may elect to replace a section of the mouth at a time, starting with the “smile zone” right in front.

Some people decide to replace their fillings for aesthetic reasons only. Other reasons to change out the material are:

  • hairline cracks in or around an existing metal filling
  • leakage of food residue and saliva in and around the filling, causing a build-up of toxic bacteria
  • age and partial loss of a filling

The only real downside to Boston tooth-colored fillings is they are not always the best choice for large fillings. While composite resin can seamlessly restore a big cavity, a large tooth-colored filling may not last as long as its metal counterpart.

Thinking about a change?

Discuss all your cosmetic and restorative dentistry goals with Dr. Jack B. Share. His decades of experience in general and cosmetic dentistry will guide you in the best of course of action–both for your long-term health and appearance. Contact the Financial District office today to set your one-on-one smile consultation appointment.

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