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Financial District Tooth-colored Fillings restore smiles

November 2, 2015

Filed under: Cosmetic Dentistry — Dr. Share @ 9:48 pm

Financial District tooth-colored fillingsFinancial District tooth-colored fillings by dentist, Dr. Jack B. Share, restore smiles and look natural. Read about this innovative filling procedure.

Your Financial District Dentist, Dr. Jack B. Share, says you have a cavity and need a filling. What can you expect during a tooth-colored filling placement?


Tooth decay happens

While every dentist and every patient wants to prevent cavities through good brushing, flossing, 6-month exams and professional cleanings, sometimes tooth decay happens. The oral bacteria living in sticky plaque and hard tartar that adheres to tooth enamel secrete acids that eat tooth enamel, especially in areas where enamel is thin or hard to reach with a toothbrush and floss.

When Dr. Share performs an oral exam, he carefully inspects for decay. To find hidden decay, he uses an AcuCam intraoral camera that gives him a magnified image of tooth surfaces, particularly in areas that are hard to see with the naked eye. Digital x-rays detect cavities as well, between teeth and below the gum line.

If decay is found, Dr. Share uses modern white filling material to repair the tooth. This composite resin, composed of acrylic and glass, is tooth-colored, strong and bonds exceptionally well to healthy tooth structure. Unlike old-style amalgam fillings, composite fillings are metal-free and aesthetically pleasing.

Expect a comfortable procedure and predictable result

To begin the tooth filling procedure in his Financial District office, Dr. Share numbs the area with local anesthetic. When the patient is relaxed and comfortable, he dries the tooth and uses a high-speed drill with water and suction to remove the decayed material from the tooth. He is careful to remove only what is absolutely necessary, and in fact, the composite resin material requires less tooth preparation than amalgam fillings.

Dr. Share then uses a slower speed drill to finish the preparation. This drill has a characteristic bumpy feel to it. He gently suctions out the remaining debris.

Next, Dr. Share etches the prepared tooth surface, roughening it so it accepts the acrylic resin. Then, the Financial District dentist builds the filling layer by layer, ensuring a solid bond to the tooth. He sculpts the filling into the proper shape and hardens the material with a blue-colored curing light. He checks the bite and adjusts it if necessary, and the filling is complete.

Patients say they find it hard to detect where their tooth-colored filling stops and their natural tooth structure begins. Additionally, with good brushing and flossing at home, accompanied by semi-annual exams and cleanings with Dr. Share, composite resin fillings serve as reliable restorations for years.

Have you ever had a tooth-colored filling?

Dr. Share and his team make the filling procedure comfortable and quick. So, if a cavity develops in your mouth, don’t worry. You can get a seamlessly beautiful and durable composite resin filling. If it’s time for your routine check-up, contact Dr. Share’s office now for your appointment.

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