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Fix Spacing from Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

September 3, 2015

Dr. Gaitsgory can get your teeth looking beautiful with teeth whitening treatment.Missing teeth can be detrimental to your oral health in many ways. It isn’t just an unsightly appearance that you have to worry about – we’re talking about keeping away harmful bacteria, too. You see, when there’s an open space in your smile, it’s usually the first place bacteria attack. And why wouldn’t it? It’s an open space with zero protection. This isn’t good news for anyone that has missing teeth. Most patients understand the appearance implications but fail to consider the health risks they’re posing to themselves. Any missing teeth that have not been replaced can turn a bad situation into an even worse one.

Our Boston, MA office specializes in supplying our patients with dental implants. In the past, bridges and dentures were the procedures of choice when it came to taking care of a missing-teeth problem. Today, it’s all about dental implants. They’ve overtaken dentures and bridges as the most preferred treatment for missing teeth. They offer many more benefits than bridges and dentures while providing maximum comfort for our patients. Dr. Share is the dentist federal district Boston residents can trust for maximum comfort with missing teeth using our restorative dentistry service.

Dental Implants Can Do No Wrong

In order to understand why dental implants are a better choice than bridges or dentures, it’s important to know what dental implants are to begin with. They are artificial tooth roots that mimic your natural tooths, only stronger. How strong? Dental implants are made of titanium posts. Titanium is the same type of metal that helps form a commercial aircraft’s fuselage. Dental implants are permanent solutions meaning once they’re surgically inserted into your jaw bone, they’re there for good. You won’t ever have to worry about a dental implant going missing.

As is the case with your natural teeth and basic dental hygiene in general, it’s important to treat your dental implant as your very own tooth. Your brushing and flossing routine should never waver – that means brushing at least twice a day and flossing once. Just because dental implants are incapable of developing cavities or won’t go missing doesn’t mean it can’t have effects on your surrounding teeth. Practicing great dental hygiene will ensure your dental implant will stay healthy for the rest of your life.

Dental Implants vs. Bridges and Dentures

While dentures and bridges provide comfort and proper functionality for patients with missing teeth, dental implants are much more beneficial. In the case of bridges, they’re meant to replace multiple teeth at once. However, what happens if only one tooth is problematic but the others are fine? A dental implant would be the best option because it simply doesn’t make sense to replace surrounding teeth that are completely healthy. Bridges can also increase the chances of getting a cavity because of cleaning problems that arise.

Dentures are meant to replace an entire set of teeth, but have their own drawbacks. First off, dentures just don’t look like a natural fit for most patients. It can cause the jaw and other facial regions to sag and deteriorate over time. There’s a learning curve involved in adjusting to wearing dentures. Dental implants don’t require any adjustment period. Once it’s inserted into your jawbone, it will look and feel like your real tooth.

Schedule Your Appointment

If you’re ready to start living life without missing teeth and show off a gorgeous smile, we’d love to see you in for an appointment. Dr. Share and the rest of our expert dental staff can help acquaint you with dental implants in our comfortable office. We will go over the procedure and what to expect. Dental implants are the preferred choice for replacing missing teeth. The days of choosing between dentures and bridges are over. Treat your smile to dental implants Boston will enjoy.




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